Commercial & Industrial Insulation

  • Elevated Temperature Board

    Elevated Temperature Board

    Knauf Insulation Elevated Temperature Board 1000° with ECOSE® Technology is a lightweight insulation (2.8 pcf, 44.9 kg/m3) bonded with ECOSE® Technology. It is a semi-rigid, board-like form with superior handling properties andinsulating effectiveness at minimum cost.

  • Elevated Temperature Panel

    Elevated Temperature Panel

    Knauf Insulation Elevated Temperature Panel 1000° with ECOSE® Technology is a semi-rigid thermal insulation board (2.4 pcf, 38.4 kg/m3) bonded with ECOSE Technology.

  • Metal Building Insulation

    Metal Building Insulation

    Knauf Insulation Metal Building Insulation with ECOSE® Technology doesn’t look like any insulation you’ve ever seen, but that’s because its natural brown color represents a level of sustainability we’ve never before achieved.  To create the next generation of sustainable insulation, we combined:

  • Equipment Liner M

    Equipment Liner M

    Knauf Equipment Liner M with ECOSE® Technology is a natural brown flexible glass mineral wool blanket with a black mat facing adhered to the air stream side.

  • Rigid Plenum Liner

    Rigid Plenum Liner

    Knauf Insulation Rigid Plenum Liner with ECOSE® Technology is a heavy-density mat-faced glass mineral wool board insulation bonded with ECOSE Technology. Its base board is brown with a black mat facing to give the airstream a smooth, tough surface, that resists damage during installation and operation.

  • Proto PVC Fitting Covers

    Proto PVC Fitting Covers

    The Proto® Fitting Cover System consists of one-piece, pre-molded, high-impact PVC fitting covers with fiber glass inserts and accessories. Accessories are elbows, tee/valves, end caps, mechanical line couplings, specialty fittings, jacketing, tacks, and PVC tape.

  • KwikFlex® Pipe & Tank Insulation

    KwikFlex® Pipe & Tank Insulation

    Knauf Insulation KwikFlex® Pipe and Tank Insulation is a 48" wide, semi-rigid glass mineral wool blanket, 2.5 pcf density, in roll form. It is available faced with a factory-applied ASJ, FSK or PSK vapor retarder jacket. The fiber orientation provides excellent compressive strength while maintaining flexibility for ease of installation.

  • Eclipse™ Air Duct Board

    Eclipse™ Air Duct Board

    Knauf Insulation Eclipse Air Duct Board with ECOSE® Technology is used to fabricate rectangular or Max10 air duct systems. It comes with two stiffness ratings, EI-475 and EI-800. Both types are available with butt edge or factory molded male-female shiplap edges. The airstream surface of Knauf Eclipse Air Duct Board is treated with an EPA registered, anti-microbial agent that prevents growth of mold, fungus or bacteria in accordance with ASTM C1071, G21 and G22.