Proto PVC Fitting Covers

Proto PVC Fitting Covers

The Proto® Fitting Cover System consists of one-piece, pre-molded, high-impact PVC fitting covers with fiber glass inserts and accessories. Accessories are elbows, tee/valves, end caps, mechanical line couplings, specialty fittings, jacketing, tacks, and PVC tape.


The Proto Fitting Cover System is used to insulate mechanical piping systems at fitting locations. It provides PVC jacketing for straight run piping and gives a quality appearance and excellent durability.

Features and Benefits

Fire and Smoke Safety

  • Proto PVC Fittings do not exceed 25 Flame Spread, 50 Smoke Developed.
  • Roll jacketing is available in 25/50-rated or indoor/outdoor grade.
  • The 25/50 products meet most fire and safety requirements of federal state and local building codes.

UV Resistant

  • Use indoors or outdoors.
  • Paint outdoor fittings to enhance UV and colorfast protection.

Excellent Appearance

  • Bright high-gloss white coloring adds a distinct quality appearance to the system.

Easy to Clean

  • The smooth high-gloss surface cleans easily with soap and water.
  • Ideal system for food and drug facilities.

Low-Cost Installation

  • Significant cost savings vs. conventional cement, molded sections and mitered sections.

Fast and Easy

  • At fitting locations, the fiber glass insert is wrapped around the pipe fitting, the Proto PVC Fitting is applied over the insert and then tacked or taped.

Wide Temperature Range

  • For mechanical piping systems operating to 500°F (260°C)

Long Lasting

  • Can be used more than once on retrofit projects, general maintenance.

Excellent Thermal Value

  • Low thermal conductivity value of 0.26 at 75°F (0.037 W/m2•°C) mean temperature.
  • Better thermal efficiency than conventional cement fittings.

Resistant to Fungi and Bacteria

  • Does not promote growth of fungi or bacteria.

Specification Compliance

In U.S.: Federal (Polyvinyl Chloride)

  • LP-1035A; Type II Grade GU and Type III
  • LP-535E; Type II Grade GU and Type III
  • New York City MEA 243-84-M, Chicago, Los Angeles
  • ASTM C 585 (Sizes)
  • United State Department of Agriculture

In Canada:

  • AC 774.1K82

Physical Properties (PVC)

Specific Gravity (ASTM D 792)

  • 1.41

Tensile Modulus (ASTM D 638)

  • 381,000 psi

Tensile Strength (ASTM D 638)

  • 6,000 psi

Flexural Strength (ASTM D 790)

  • 1,175 psi

IZOD Impact (0.25") ft. (ASTM D 256)

  • 16.8 lb. per inch of notch

Heat Deflection (ASTM D 648)

  • 159°F (70°C) @ 264 psi

Water Vapor Transmission
Mocon Permatran W-1 Method (ASTM E 96 (Equiv.)) (U.S. Perms)

  • 100°F (38°C) & 90% relative humidity:
    .007" (.177 mm) thick = .19
    .009" (.228 mm) thick = .15
    .022" (.558 mm) thick = .07
  • 73°F (23°C) & 50% relative humditiy:
    .006" (.152 mm) thick = .19
    .010" (.254 mm) thick = .13
    .022" (.558 mm) thick = .09

Puncture Resistance(TAPPI Test T803) (Beach Units)

  • .006" (.152 mm) thick = 78
    .015" (.381 mm) thick = 221