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Explore our Knauf fiberglass insulation EXPERT® Insulation Tapes—engineered to enhance appearance as well as maintain vapor and moisture barrier integrity for general-purpose seaming, patching and sealing.


A fast-drying, water-based elastomeric spray, Knauf Insulation ECOSEAL Plus™ with Gasket Pro Technology seals penetrations and joints in the building envelope and provides a gasket between studs and drywall.

  • Equipment Liner M

    Equipment Liner M

    Knauf Equipment Liner M with ECOSE® Technology is a natural brown, flexible fiberglass blanket that provides thermal and acoustical insulation.

  • Proto PVC Fitting Covers

    Proto PVC Fitting Covers

    The Proto® Fitting Cover System consists of one-piece, pre-molded, high-impact PVC fitting covers with fiber glass inserts and accessories. Accessories are elbows, tee/valves, end caps, mechanical line couplings, specialty fittings, jacketing, tacks, and PVC tape.

  • KwikFlex® Pipe & Tank Insulation

    KwikFlex® Pipe & Tank Insulation

    Knauf Insulation KwikFlex® Pipe and Tank Insulation, a semi-rigid glass mineral wool blanket in roll form that provides excellent compressive strength while maintaining flexibility for ease of installation.

  • Eclipse® Air Duct Board

    Eclipse® Air Duct Board

    Knauf Insulation Eclipse® Air Duct Board is a sustainable duct board insulation made with our innovative ECOSE® Technology.


ECOSEAL Plus™ Sealant

ECOSEAL Plus™ Sealant

Our spray-on sealant, Knauf Insulation ECOSEAL Plus™ with Gasket Pro Technology, is a fast-drying, water-based elastomeric spray.


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