Commercial & Industrial Insulation

  • Elevated Temperature Panel 1000°

    Elevated Temperature Panel 1000°

    Suitable for use in industrial heating applications to 1000°F (538°C), Knauf Insulation Elevated Temperature Panel 1000° is our high-temperature insulation panel bonded with ECOSE® Technology.

  • Metal Building Insulation

    Metal Building Insulation

    Trust us—you've never seen a metal building insulation like this before. That's because ours is made with ECOSE® Technology. Get more information here.

  • Rigid Plenum Liner

    Rigid Plenum Liner

    Knauf Insulation Rigid Plenum Liner with ECOSE® Technology—our heavy-density, mat-faced glass mineral wool board insulation—provides a smooth, tough surface that resists damage during installation and operation.

  • Equipment Liner M

    Equipment Liner M

    Knauf Equipment Liner M with ECOSE® Technology is a natural brown, flexible fiberglass blanket that provides thermal and acoustical insulation.

  • Proto PVC Fitting Covers

    Proto PVC Fitting Covers

    The Proto® Fitting Cover System consists of one-piece, pre-molded, high-impact PVC fitting covers with fiber glass inserts and accessories. Accessories are elbows, tee/valves, end caps, mechanical line couplings, specialty fittings, jacketing, tacks, and PVC tape.

  • KwikFlex® Pipe & Tank Insulation

    KwikFlex® Pipe & Tank Insulation

    Knauf Insulation KwikFlex® Pipe and Tank Insulation, a semi-rigid glass mineral wool blanket in roll form that provides excellent compressive strength while maintaining flexibility for ease of installation.

  • Eclipse® Air Duct Board

    Eclipse® Air Duct Board

    Knauf Insulation Eclipse Air Duct Board is a rigid, glass mineral wool board faced on one side with a foil-scrim-kraft (FSK) vapor retarder and with a lightweight black glass mat on the airstream surface.