EcoBatt® Integrated Roof Deck (IRD) Insulation (CA Only)

EcoBatt® Integrated Roof Deck (IRD) Insulation (CA Only)

EcoBatt Insulation is the proven insulation solution preferred by professional installers. It’s highly resilient, recovers quickly to full thickness and delivers consistent quality that cuts easily and installs fast with low dust. When installed in ceiling and floor systems, it reduces sound transmission in the home. EcoBatt IRD insulation offers even more.

Time Savings

  • Proprietary installation method that is labor efficient compared to competitive solutions
  • Installation is the same for all R-values; same stapling pattern, utilizes same pneumatic or cordless stapler and same staple size ¼" crown & ½" leg
  • Installs straight out of the bag with no special preparation


  • Helps deliver an easily attainable Quality Insulation Installation (QII) installation
  • Provides a uniform layer of continuous insulation underneath the roof deck that envelops the truss chords, creating a thermal break
  • Attractive finished appearance

Ease of Use

  • Requires no specialized equipment or trucks
  • Easy handling for overhead installations
  • Custom facing is designed to secure the batt to the roof deck

*Currently only available in California.

EcoBatt® Integrated Roof Deck (IRD) Insulation Brochure

  • June 2018

(Available in CA only at this time)