Glasswool products

  • EXPERT Tapes

    EXPERT Tapes

    Explore our Knauf fiberglass insulation EXPERT® Insulation Tapes—engineered to enhance appearance as well as maintain vapor and moisture barrier integrity for general-purpose seaming, patching and sealing.

  • Acoustical Smooth Board

    Acoustical Smooth Board

    Knauf Insulation Acoustical Smooth Board is made from inorganic glass mineral wool, bonded by a thermosetting resin. Get more product details here.

  • StableR® Insulation

    Impervious to shifting, settling, decomposing or to wind washing, StableR® is a fiberglass insulation blanket made from lightweight blown-in insulation.

  • ECOSEAL Plus™ Sealant

    ECOSEAL Plus™ Sealant

    Our spray-on sealant, Knauf Insulation ECOSEAL Plus™ with Gasket Pro Technology, is a fast-drying, water-based elastomeric spray.

  • Atmosphere™ Duct Liner

    Atmosphere™ Duct Liner

    Featuring a tightly bonded mat gives the airstream a smooth, tough surface that's resistant to damage during installation and operation, our Atmosphere™ Duct Liner is a flexible, mat-faced insulation bonded with ECOSE® Technology.

  • KN Series

    KN Series

    Type KN Series is our line of acoustical insulation blankets and thermal insulation blankets. Flexible to semi-rigid, the blankets are made from glass fibers bonded with our revolutionary ECOSE® Technology.

  • EcoBatt® Insulation

    EcoBatt® Insulation

    Discover EcoBatt® Insulation—our unique, sustainable insulation product made with sand and recycled bottle glass and bonded with our innovative ECOSE® Technology.

  • Atmosphere™ Duct Wrap

    Atmosphere™ Duct Wrap

    Made from highly resilient, inorganic glass mineral wool, Knauf Insulation Atmosphere™ Duct Wrap with ECOSE® Technology is used as external insulation on commercial or residential heating or air conditioning ducts.

  • Acoustical Smooth Board with ECOSE® Technology

    Acoustical Smooth Board with ECOSE® Technology

    Knauf Insulation Acoustical Smooth Board is a 6.0 PCF thermal and acoustical insulation product made from inorganic glass mineral wool preformed into boards with ECOSE® Technology. The board is smooth on one side with precision cut tolerances.

  • EcoRoll® Insulation

    EcoRoll® Insulation

    Knauf Insulation EcoRoll® fiberglass insulation is a sustainable roll insulation made with sand—an abundant natural resource—and post-consumer recycled bottle glass. Plus, it's bonded with our innovative ECOSE® Technology.