Inner-Safe™ Concealed Space Batt Insulation

Inner-Safe™ Concealed Space Batt Insulation

A faster, easier and more affordable way to meet NFPA 13 Standard.

Once, NFPA 13 Standard only mandated the use of sprinklers in the interstitial spaces of multi-family construction projects. Now, code changes allow the substitution of insulation—and Inner-Safe™ Non-Combustible Concealed Space Batt Insulation is the smart, cost-effective way to fill interstitial space. It’s an innovative new alternative to sprinklers or blown-in insulation that meets and exceeds code, while installing quickly, easily and affordably.

What Inner-Safe brings to your project:


  • Satisfies a range of joist thicknesses from 8" to 24"
  • Easier to estimate and allocate labor
  • Friction-fit into cavities—no fasteners or support needed
  • Same batt crews for walls and floor
  • Provides easier inspection, via a depth indicator on its packaging

Advantages over sprinklers

  • Requires no specialized labor or equipment to install
  • Eliminates long-term maintenance and inspection costs
  • Enhances thermal separation and noise reduction

Advantages over loose-fill and traditional batt insulation

  • Inner-Safe Concealed Space Batt Insulation requires no additional, specialized equipment—such as a blowing wool truck—on the jobsite
  • Eliminates additional labor and netting material needed with loose-fill installs
  • Inner-Safe installation costs are roughly half of a loose-fill application

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