knauf insulation shelbyville indiana

Knauf Insulation’s U.S. History

Knauf Insulation was formed in 1978, as Knauf Fiber Glass, when the Knauf family purchased an existing glass mineral wool production facility in Shelbyville, Indiana. Already well-established in Europe in the areas of gypsum, lime/cement and other building products, Knauf began an ambitious renovation program to modernize the plant and increase capacity. The company had 450 employees in 1978.  Here's more of the Knauf Insulation story:

1988 — Knauf Fiber Glass opened a second plant in Lanett, Alabama to produce light-density insulation

1990 — The company opened its third plant in Shelbyville adjacent to its first plant and headquarters to manufacture pipe insulation

1995 — An additional production line was added to the Lanett plant, doubling its capacity

2002 — Knauf Fiber Glass opened a new plant in Shasta Lake, California that produces additional light-density insulation products

2002 — Knauf Fiber Glass became the first in the industry to be certified by GREENGUARD® Environmental Institute for low chemical emissions, contributing to better indoor air quality

2003 — Knauf Fiber Glass joined with newly acquired and renovated manufacturing facilities throughout Europe to become Knauf Insulation

2007 — Knauf Insulation demonstrates their commitment to the insulation industry by completing a $200+ million renovation of its original manufacturing facility in Shelbyville, Indiana.

2008 — Knauf Insulation's new 24,860 square foot Engineering and Development office building earned a LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council and uses 30% less energy than a conventional office building.

2008 — Knauf Insulation introduced ECOSE® Technology, a revolutionary, more sustainable binder.

2011 — Knauf Insulation’s entire line of insulation products were verified as formaldehyde free by UL Environment.

2012 — Knauf Insulation glass formulations were certified by EUCEB.

2013 — Knauf Insulation received Red List Free status with five products in the International Living Future Institute’s Declare product database.

2014 — Knauf Insulation acquired Guardian Insulation, allowing greater flexibility that comes with an expanded manufacturing footprint.

The company currently employs 1,900 people in multiple facilities across the United States.