IAQ & GREENGUARD Certification

We offer more lines of Formaldehyde-Free Glass Mineral Wool Insulation products than any other insulation company.

Knauf Insulation is UL Environment GREENGUARD Certified

All of our product lines with ECOSE® Technology have been certified under the GREENGUARD Gold standard.

  • GREENGUARD Gold is designed to define low-emitting materials suitable for environments where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended periods of time. These environments may include schools, daycares, healthcare facilities, homes and commercial spaces.
  • Greenguard Certification is based on criteria used by:
    • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    • World Health Organization
    • U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
    • State of Washington
  • GREENGUARD Gold certification requirements assure compliance with the CDPH Section 01350 and allow the lower of:
    • No greater than 1/100th of currently-published Threshold Limit Values.
    • No more than half of California’s Chronic Reference Exposure Levels for volatile organic compounds (including formaldehyde).

Our entire line of building insulation is manufactured using no added formaldehyde.

Knauf Insulation Meets California Section 01350 Standard

All of our building insulation lines meet this standard including the requirement that our insulation is formaldehyde free.

  • The GREENGUARD Gold Certification Program’s requirements comply with the State of California’s Department of Public Health Services Standard Practice for Specification Section 01350 for testing chemical emissions from building products used in schools and other environments.

Knauf Insulation GREENGUARD Gold Certified Lines with No Added Formaldehyde.

  • Acoustical Insulation Board/IB Board
  • Acoustical Board Smooth with ECOSE Technology
  • Black Acoustical Board
  • Atmosphere Black Diffuser Board
  • KN Series & KB Blanket
  • Atmosphere Duct Liner
  • Atmosphere Air Duct Board
  • Atmosphere Duct Wrap – FSK
  • Atmosphere Duct Wrap – PSK
  • Atmosphere Duct Wrap – Plain
  • Wall & Ceiling Liner M & Equipment Liner M
  • ET Blanket
  • ET Board
  • ET Panel
  • ET Batt & ET HD Blanket
  • Earthwool Insulation Board – Plain
  • Earthwool Insulation Board – FSK
  • Earthwool Insulation Board – ASJ+
  • Atmosphere Rigid Plenum Liner
  • Metal Building Insulation NAIMA 202-2002
  • Metal Building Cavity Insulation
  • Unfaced Metal Building Insulation – Canada
  • Condensation Control Blanket
  • Earthwool 1000 Pipe Insulation - Plain
  • Earthwool 1000 Pipe Insulation ASJ+
  • Earthwool Pipe and Tank
  • EcoBatt Faced and Unfaced
  • Basement Wall Insulation
  • ECOSEAL Plus
  • Inner-Safe
  • EcoBatt Integrated Roff Deck (IRD)
  • Jet Stream Max Blowing Wool
  • Jet Stream Ultra Blowing Wool
  • EcoFill Wx Blowing Insulation
  • Jet Spray Thermal

Why do industry leaders turn to GREENGUARD for certification?

  • GREENGUARD Certification is broadly recognized and accepted by sustainable building programs and building codes worldwide.
  • As an ISO-IEC Guide 65:1996 accredited, third-party organization, UL Environment's GREENGUARD certifies products and materials for low chemical emissions and provides a resource for choosing healthier products and materials for indoor environments.
  • All certified products must meet stringent chemical emissions standards based on established criteria from key public health agencies. GREENGUARD Environmental Institute is a subsidiary of UL labs.

GREENGUARD Gold Certified products can be used to earn valuable credits in:

  • CHPS Best Practices Manual for K-12 schools
  • US Green Building Council's LEED® Green Building Rating Systems
  • Green Guide for Healthcare
  • NAHB Green Building Guidelines
  • Green Globes
  • Regreen
  • and many other building codes, standards and specifications.