Our Values

Over the past decade, Knauf Insulation has undergone considerable internal change.  Our growth has made Knauf Insulation a larger and more complex organization.  The changes have made us stronger, as we added new companies, new production facilities, and above all else, new employees.  Developing a new set of core values recognizes the importance of sharing a common understanding of what the Knauf Group stands for and helps to ensure that we reflect our own views of the workplace of today and tomorrow.  We understand that we must become more than just the sum of our individual parts; this is why the Knauf Values Initiative is important to Knauf Insulation. 

Our new Values are defined as:


  • Act with social responsibility
  • Play an active role in Knauf
  • Build an inclusive Knauf community
  • Treat each other with fairness and respect


  • Take on individual responsibilities and make decisions
  • Encourage new ideas
  • Establish and retain mutual trust and loyalty
  • Act as one team


  • Enjoy striving to be the best
  • Grow and develop our people
  • Go the "extra mile"
  • Encourage people to take ownership and responsibility


  • Think and act "outside the box“
  • Drive change and innovation
  • Be pragmatic and take calculated risks
  • Take initiatives and be results-oriented
To view the new Knauf Values video, click here.