Raw Material Acquisition

Utilize recycled content

Our plants use 60 – 80% recycled content – which translates to about 10 railcars of recycled glass cullet a day. By leveraging so much recycled content, we reduce the energy required to form glass fibers by 20%. If we use even 60% recycled content, then mining impacts are reduced proportionately.

Pursue sequestration potential

Knauf’s bio-based ECOSE Technology is derived from corn. The Knauf Family Farm produces the same amount of corn we use on an annual basis, which is equal to 15,000 acres. While growing our own corn is not currently part of the life cycle assessment of our products in North America, we have the potential of growing the very corn that we use in our products. Life cycle analysis suggests about a 9% reduction in our manufacturing operation from the sequestration impacts of the corn growth cycle. If that corn and stubble were completely used in our ECOSE formulation, then corn absorption of carbon might be a plausible approach to help meet the zero carbon goals of our company.